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Any group, whether business associates, friends, networking or study partners, can benefit from working together, supporting each other in a spirit of friendship, camaraderie and teamwork. All Transitions Coach workshops are customized for your group and can range in length from a few hours to several days or weeks, according to your unique needs.

"90 Days of Rigorous Accountability" - Enroll Now

We are very excited about embarking on this 90-day path to success and hope that you will seriously consider this unique opportunity. Other benefits to group coaching include:

  • Practicing new habits is EASIER when you go public with your commitments.
  • Sharing your successes and challenges means more support and encouragement.
  • Group dynamics offer an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas.
  • You will be inspired and motivated in hearing others’ success!
  • It’s just more fun!

“Dance of Leadership”

This workshop is designed to help leaders of all ages fully and authentically express their gifts, talents and competencies while making a positive difference in the world. The program focuses on awakening intelligence, intuition and insights as they spring from our bodies. Through one-on-one coaching and group training programs, participants will connect with their higher purpose, communicate from the heart and inspire and motivate others to higher levels of performance. Specifically, the program delivers:

  • An experience that opens the possibility of being fully human.
  • A place to discover and commit to what’s truly important.
  • Skills development for shifting from the restricted body of survival, to an open, connected state of enlightened, grounded leadership.
  • Ability to listen more deeply to the wisdom of intuition.
  • A safe place to experience profound connection to self and others.
  • Increased ability to move through difficult conversations leading to satisfying conclusions.
  • Training to distinguish emotions from story, based on body cues.
  • Ways to make clear, actionable requests within specified timeframes.
  • Building consensus within teams by more effectively identifying agendas.
  • Connecting and acting in alignment with prioritized needs.
  • Engaging in committed action followed by realized outcomes.
  • Moving toward self-mastery and the ability to be fully self-responsible.
  • Developing capacity for play and creativity.
  • Moving away from habits that no longer serve a purpose.
  • Creating a vibrant, healthy, sustainable inner eco-system.

“Living Passionately In the Face of Disruptive Change”

Our world has changed so dramatically in the past few years. In an environment of global disruption and change, even these transition points can be potential sources of tremendous energy and opportunity. What better time to get right with your life than right now?