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Wake up and embody your dreams.

Most all of us have encountered moments in our lives when we felt invincible, as though nothing could stop us from achieving our goals. A sudden thrill, a motivational spark, a word of encouragement, and we were on that powerful plane. But did it last? Probably not. Because sooner or later, something else affected us and knocked us off track. If only we could sustain that high level of performance…

Professional athletes routinely train to elevate their level of performance. The connection between body and cognitive awareness is unmistakable. As The Transitions Coach, I focus on the body’s core role in governing the way we act and react in relation to our thoughts and desires. It’s called Somatic Coaching, a practice of self-direction dating back to the ancient Greeks and related in many ways to the martial arts.

Basically, I believe we can all be trained to read the cues our bodies send to us in various circumstances. In addition, I believe we can learn better ways to react to these cues, so that we might shape more useful attitudes and positively influence outcomes. As we become more aware of our body’s influence over events, it becomes possible to literally “embody” our goals and desires by the way we act. High level performance becomes sustainable. Our very presence takes on the power to effect results.

I welcome your inquiries regarding the Somatic method of coaching. For more on Somatic training, please visit the following sites: