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Your roadmap to reinvention.

If you’re not signing up for a specific workshop or training program, The Transitions Coach process typically lasts about three months. We’ll meet twice monthly for a limited time, depending on your schedule, and generally follow this outline of practice:

  • Clarify your values and vision.
  • Examine significant past events that have prevented progress.
  • Decide to leave the past behind.
  • Come to terms with self-imposed limits.
  • Review, resolve and remap your journey.
  • Understand your power of choice.
  • Create new coordinates for the future.
  • Experiment with the change process.
  • Take control of your decisions.
  • Declare your new journey.
  • Shift to an active embodiment of your future.
  • Create a supportive infrastructure for success.
  • Enact the systems that inspire you and keep you moving ahead.

Everyone’s path is different. Everyone will have their own challenges to overcome. With the help of The Transitions Coach, you will begin to see remarkable changes in your life, as you flex and stretch your new-claimed power.