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A sincere compliment is the best recommendation.


"The most important thing I learned was about me, my self-image had just about been destroyed and it was all my doing. She helped me work through and separate "the market" performance from who I was. She helped me to communicate more efficiently from a place of generosity and to accept responsibility only for what I was responsible for, while at the same time teaching my clients to take their side of the responsibility. This was so freeing and validating. I had been making up all sorts of stories in my mind that had no base in reality. When I faced things head on that I had been avoiding, it was so freeing!

I have had the best production month of my career, am in the top ten for new assets year to date and have had such weight lifted from my shoulders. Part of being successful is knowing when to get help and doing the work. Lori also helped me with balance to where I now control my time and now I am having fun. This has spilled over to every part of my life. Having an individual coach is amazing!"

Nancy Sawicki, Financial Planner

"Lori has a unique and highly creative approach to coaching. As both an artist and entrepreneur myself, it was important to me to work with a coach that had solid business sense as well as an innate understanding of the creative process. This is Lori Darley, to a tee. She has a remarkable gift of seeing solutions in profoundly creative and effective ways. My life’s work and creative expression has been deeply enriched through working with her."

Robyn Lark Wakefield, Urban Goddess, Inc

"Working with Lori was not the end, but the beginning of a new way of life. Now, I have a vision of who I want to become and the courage to get there. Lori has helped me tackle the obstacles that stand in the way and has provided me with new skills and solutions for different situations. I feel my time with Lori was just as important as the amount of time I spent obtaining my MBA. Getting a professional degree gives you the ability to understand the technical aspects of business; however, working with Lori, gave me a greater knowledge of who I am and how to work with people to achieve greater results."

Kari Yeh, Marketing Executive

I want you to know that I feel so blessed, so lucky to have met you and have you in my life as professional/life coach, and friend. Our relationship as both friends and as coach has grown into a beautiful thing. I thank you for helping me confront my fears and set my intentions to bring positive change into my life. Your guidance has brought me the opportunity to challenge myself on personal levels and has allowed me to work through so many difficult relationships and situations. The work that we have done together - has touched me in really profound and deep ways. You have such a gift, on so many different levels, that the world literally is changing in positive ways because of you. What can I say, but thank you! Thank you for giving me the confidence to walk through the gates that seem locked and impenetrable. Thank you for your ability to allow me to see me for who I really am. Thank for teaching me to be gentler to myself, and most importantly thank you for bringing humor and lightness to our conversations.

Drew Greller, Veternarian Opthamologist

"Thank you so much for your intuitiveness, your wisdom, and your ability to look beyond the words straight into the heart.  Through you I have been made aware of the power of words and phrases that I have used all of my life to cope in order to survive - but also to sabotage myself at times.  I will certainly be working on that area - probably for the rest of my life!  I realize now that the power I have within me is greater than the power outside of me "

Real Estate Broker


  1. Clearly professional in how she approaches what she does in these sessions
  2. VERY knowledgeable regarding the material
  3. Clearly understands how to lead a discussion around the subject matter and at the same time, make the class the real leader….that's a talent I'd love to learn
  4. Has "want to" in what she does, which brings enthusiasm to the game, which leads to a richer discussion with more active participation/inter-active.
She knows her stuff and I hope we can call on her in the future to help us through this process.
I appreciated being around her and learning a thing or two in the process.

Asst. Vice President, Fortune 500 Company

Lori, you are a master teacher. It is no small thing to be able to take something that is new and potentially anxiety producing and make it as inviting as you do. There was much less "am I doing it right" in the class than in other classes and I think that is because you have so little judgment in you and because you make things simple and evoke curiosity, which is the perfect anecdote to anxiety.

"Your spirit. Your willingness and openness to feedback. You emanate ‘that this is really cool, important powerful. Come join me!’ And you clearly have your voice, and your power. I never once wondered where you were in this. Your use of language to explain things is amazing, so simple, so clear and at the same time your face expresses your playful spirit. You are perfect for this work."

Nancy Wonders Dearing, Coach and facilitator

"Wow, the meeting was absolutely wonderful, organized, exciting, FUN, interesting, and stimulating.  You were terrific, very poised, funny, entertaining, insightful, committed, focused, patient and tolerant, perceptive, very perceptive, and smart ...and open to the process... as well as beautiful.....


Non-profit Organization, Board President

"You were a wonderful guide. You led us on the path of exploration with support yet, as a good mother, let us go out and discover. You provided a safe place for us to open up to others and learn from their support and energy."

Susan Murphy, Dance of Leadership Participant

"Lori was an absolute delight to work with I hope to continue a relationship with her in the future. Her delivery was sincere, uplifting, and inspirational – a real mentor for someone like myself!"

Dance of Leadership Participant

Great presentation, Lori. Relaxed, but professional. You are warm, energetic, kind, approachable and obviously someone that’s "done her own work". The ONLY way to become a master teacher.

Dance of Leadership Participant