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Lori Darley offers speeches and presentations on a variety of topics, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Each presentation is customized to the needs of your group and includes time for question and answer sessions and group interaction.

“Work Smarter/Not Harder”

Using the “28 Principles of Attraction” to create extraordinary results in your business, this speech addresses:

  • How to produce results effortlessly
  • The 28 Attraction Principles as a new business operating system
  • Tips and stories of the 28 Attraction Principles at work

“Roadmap to Executive Reinvention”

If your company’s highway is full of potholes, speed bumps and detours, perhaps it’s time for a new road. The Roadmap to Executive Reinvention explores your roads not taken!

“Don’t Take It Personally”

Was that my fault? Knee-jerk reactions are simply a human being’s most common response to a wide variety of events. Most people don’t respond powerfully to adverse situations and often become victims of circumstance, giving away their personal power. This humorous speech takes on a very human frailty and offers a couple of very useful tools to take back your personal power when it seems everything and everyone is reacting to you.