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Roadmap to Executive Reinvention

 Re-route, Re-map, Re-construct

Even the most successful executives require a pause to reflect on where they are headed and the best way to proceed. Obstacles can derail even the best laid plans. And an objective viewpoint, along with a well-defined approach, can serve to open new avenues toward progress. What’s getting in your way?

Clear the Road Ahead Working one-on-one with The Transitions Coach, you can review, resolve and re-map your chosen journey. Together, we will:

  • Define the gap between where you’ve been and where you want to go.
  • Examine significant past life/business events that are holding you back.
  • Make the decision to leave the past behind.
  • Come to terms with any self-imposed limits you may not now realize are in your way.
  • Understand your power of choice and design a plan to exercise it.
  • Experiment with the change process.
  • Powerfully declare yourself on a new journey.
  • Shift to an active embodiment of your future.
  • Establish the support and infrastructure you need to sustain progress.

"Lori has a unique and highly creative approach to coaching. As both an artist and entrepreneur, it was important that I work with a coach with solid business sense as well as an innate understanding of the creative process. Lori has a remarkable gift of seeing solutions in profoundly creative and effective ways.”

Robin W., Entrepreneur