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The Assessment System

Assessment systems are valuable tools that assist managers and leaders in evaluating both managerial and employee behavior and workplace styles. These programs help management assess the need for and degree of change necessary to increase employee productivity, commitment and eventually profit.

Styles Analysis

The Styles Analysis looks at behavior and emotions and deconstructs how an individual behaves. This report provides insights into how an individual:

  • Solves problems
  • Relates to others
  • Sets pace/responds to change
  • Follows procedures
The findings are invaluable in building better teams, motivating employees and assigning tasks for greater returns.

Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values TM (PIAV)

Behavioral style is only half the picture. Equally important is the "why" behind a person's behavior. The Personal Interests, Attitudes and ValuesTM report looks at individual motivators. For example, to what degree are your employees:

  • motivated by money
  • willing to accept personal responsibility for success and failure
  • over- or under-servicing your client
When you understand why employees react as they do, you can implement systems to effectively change behaviors and gain greater results.